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This document was written to help newcomers understand how to advertise with pay-per-click (ppc) search engines. The concepts in this guide are easy to follow and can be used for any ppc site.

Step 1: Think about your business!
What type of business do you have? What category does it fall under? Who is your target customer? These are all questions you should be asking yourself when setting up a WebsiteHostGuide PPC account.

Let's make believe you own a bicycle shop called "Mary's Code Shop". Your target customer is someone who want's to buy programming services... the the first thing you need to do is figure out what "keyword phrases" someone is likely to search on when they are interested in your product. Keyword phrases can be anything related to your product, from a particular "bicycle part" to an actual brand of bicycles. Take a look at this list:

Script Programmers
Perl CGI Coders

These are all phrases that someone might type into a search engine if they were looking for a Perl Programmer. These are all perfect keyword phrases that we would want to add our site under. If you need help, when you log into your account at you can use a special option call "Keyword Tools" to see how popular searches are or to see all the bids for a keyword.

Step 2: Create an Account
If you have not done so yet, you should create an account on WebsiteHostGuide. This is easy and will take only a few minutes. To create an account, click on the sign up button "second icon image from the left" at the top of any WebsiteHostGuide page or click on the "Sign up for a free account" links in the left side menu of the main pages. You will be asked a few questions, sent an email that you need to confirm (confirms your email address) using the link provided in the confirmation email, and then your password will be sent to you via email within a few minutes of confirming your email address.

Step 3: Login to your Account
Now that you have created an account, you should log in. Go to: and click on the "Advertiser Login" or "Account Login" links listed on any WebsiteHostGuide page. Enter your user name and password that you were sent. Remember that the username password is case-sensitive meaning that lowercase and uppercase are different. If you have forgotten your password you can click on "Forgot your password" to have it sent to you.

Step 4: Add Keywords
Now that you have logged in you need to add your site under the list of keyword phrases that you created earlier. To do this, just click on "Add Single Listing" to add a single keyword listing. This will bring up a simple form you need to fill in. The first box is called "Keywords". In this box you should enter one of the keyword phrases you listed in step 1.

Next you should see a box called "Bid". This is how much you are willing to pay to be listed under the keyword. The more you will pay, the higher you will be listed and typically, the more traffic you will receive. For now you should set this to the lowest amount, which is ".03" (three cent per click), unless you know the exact amount you wish to bid (using the keyword tools). You can change this later. When you are done filling in the boxes on this page, press the button labeled "Add Listing" and submit your changes.

The next box is for the "Site Title". The Title is a short 50 character label for your search engine listing. In our earlier example for Mary's Bike Shop, a title may be "Mary's Code Shop - Perl Guru!". The title usually includes your websites name and maybe a short slogan or generic description of what you have. Remember, it must be at most 50 characters long (a character is any letter, number, symbol or space.)

Next you need to enter your "Site URL". The Site URL is the web address that someone would type in to reach your website... for example, our URL is Make sure to enter the FULL url, including the "http://" before the website address.

Now you need to enter a longer "Site Description". The description can be up to 255 characters long and should give the visitor a simple idea of what your site sells. For our example, a description may be: "We have been providing the top name brand bicycles and parts to our customers for over 30 years. Items can be shipped within 3 days anywhere in the country and make great gifts!". This is where you should sell yourself to the customer and make them want to visit you. An important thing to remember is "don't lie"! Don't say anything that is not true and don't tell them you sell anything you don't sell. While writing a false description may get you more traffic, it will not be "qualified traffic" and the visitor will leave immediately.

Step 5: Fund Your Account
WebsiteHostGuide works on a debit account system meaning you must pre-fund your account to receive traffic. When your funds run out, we stop the advertising until you fund your account again. This works out well for many advertisers because they can set a spending limit -- you will never receive a bill from WebsiteHostGuide. To fund your account, click on "Add Funds". There are many choices -- the simplest and quickest is to pay using your Credit Card or using your credit card through PayPal, which are both immediate and post to your account once you return fromt he payment processors. Make sure to follow all the links to return to WebsiteHostGuide from the credit card processing or from PayPal, otherwise your account will not be credited properly. The minimum account recharge payment is $5, but you can do any amount you wish over that. Note: using Paypal, you get a 25-50% bonus, based on your deposit, added to your account once we confirm the payment (usually 1-3 business days for this bonus to be credited to your WebsiteHostGuide account). As soon as your payment is posted to your account, your advertising will be live and your site can begin to receive traffic.

Step 6: Adjust your Bids
Now that your account is active, you should adjust your bids to make sure you are getting the optimum position. The first thing you need to do is decide how much you should be willing to pay. The more you are willing to pay, the higher you will be listed in a search and typically the more traffic you will receive. It is NOT always best to be number one however, you should only bid as much as you are willing to spend to get a customer to your site. How should you decide how much to bid? Let's look at an example:

Let's say that Mary (from Mary's Code Shop) get's 100 visitors to her site, and that for every 100 visitors, 5 of those visitors hire her. Mary also knows that on average when a customer buys something she makes $100 profit. That means that:
5 paying customers x $100 profit per customer = $500 profit
$500 total profit / 100 visitors = 5 dollars per visitor profit

So from some simple math, we see that even though every visitor does not buy something, on average a visitor is worth 5 dollars profit for Mary's shop. That means that Mary can afford to pay up to 50 cents per click to "break even". If she pays any more than 5 dollars per click she will lose money, if she pays less than 5 dollars per click, she will make money. Mary may decide that she wants to spend at most half of her profits on advertising... this means Mary wants to be listed as high as possible in the listings and pay at most 25 cents per customer.

To adjust your bids, you will need to do this for each keyword. Start by clicking on the "Manage Listings" link at the top of most members area pages. Then, enter the number of keywords per pay you wish to view and press the "go" button. This will output a list of keywords. Check the keywords you wish to edit. You can either press the "edit checked listings" button to edit the listings manually, or press the "Top Bid Checked Listings" button which will make those lists the #1 bidded listing in the keyword automatically.

If you wish to change your bids manually, your checked keywords will show up on the next page. There you can adjust the price for each keyword as well as access the "keyword tools" to evaluate your bidding position for the keyword in order to manually adjust your bids so that you gain the position you want. When you are done, make sure to submit your changes.

Step 7: You're all done!
That's it, your account should now be live and you will begin receiving traffic. You should occasionally log in to review your account activity, adjust your bids and make sure your account is funded. How much traffic you receive will depend on many things:
* How popular the keyword phrases you chose are
* What position you are listed in under each keyword phrase
* How interesting your site description is to a searcher

Don't forget though that the most important part is the price you are paying per visitor, not how many visitors you receive. We suggest you start slowly and test out different site descriptions, keyword phrase choices and bid amounts to see what works best for you.

Good luck!

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